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Yes. Storage, storage commitment, query/retrieve,  modality worklist, print, DICOM CD/DVD, hanging protocols


N-tier, J2EE-based, full web, highly scalable, cluster aware 

Servers (Operating System)

Platform independent (UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, MacOS X)

Servers (Hardware)

Vendor neutral, RAID, SAN, NAS, DAS


VPN, SSL, TLS, HTTPS, JAAS, role-based logins

System Failure Alert

J2EE/JMX based monitoring, auto-email alerts

Remote Monitoring


Database Management

Oracle, MySQL, etc. Database independence provided by J2EE framework.

Storage (maximum 20 words)

Online, extensible (RAID, SAN, NAS, DAS)

Web-Based Access

Full web interface, platform independent, browser independent

3-D Capabilities

Yes, native volume rendering, MIP, MPR, oblique MPR for all users

Key Image Selection


Image Compression

DICOM standard, configurable:

RLE, JPEG, JPEG lossless, JPEG LS, JPEG 2000

Manipulation Tools

Window/level, invert, colours, pan, zoom, flip, rotation, cine, multi-frame sequences, annotations, angles, density, distance, calibrate, ROI (rectangles, polygons, ellipses, splines), volume rendering with cut, MIP, MPR, slice thickness,  etc

Selection Tools

Patients/studies/series configurable lists, multi-criteria search, sorting, user defined search filters, user defined window/level, previous/next series, image/series/study compare and linking, printing, data transfer, CD/DVD reading and burn, hanging protocols, multi-screen configurations, user/device/storage list administration, etc





Telephone Support



1 year

Software Upgrade


Specialty Market

All radiology

Voice Recognition

Optional integrated solution 

Electronic Patient Record

HL7 support for the PACS integration with HIS/RIS

IHE Conformance

100% standards-based

Other Features



1. True N-Tier server scalable to thousands clients.

Most of PACS are based on old client-server (2-Tier) architecture or dont use the server architecture at all (Telemis, Global Imaging on Line).

Our server based on N-Tier J2EE architecture, including standard:

- web server,

- application server,

- transaction processing,

 - security,

 - system monitoring,

 - clusters,

 - mail service,



2. Pure Java, platform-independent.

Most of PACS work on Microsoft Windows only (Carestream, FUJIFILM, Philips, etc).

For the small configuration we can use Windows based servers. If needed, we can use powerful multi-processors Linux and UNIX servers.

Our client works on any platform: Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac.


3. Thin client.

Our client is a true thin client. It executed by using Java Web Start. No need to install anything on the desktop. Most PACS (Amicas, Carestream, etc) do not have thin clients.

Most of PACS provide a web client as an option with reduced number of features.

WebPACS is unique in providing all features (including 3D) via a thin web based client.


4. Native 3D tools implementation.

Most of PACS companies (Amicas, FUJIFILM, McKesson) use expensive 3rd-party 3D solutions as Voxar or Cedara. Other products require special server hardware to generate 3D diagnostic images.

We developed 3D functions ourselves and all clients of our PACS have high diagnostic level with full 3D possibilities (Volume Rendering, MIP, and MPR). Our native implementation overcomes the limited functionality and latency issues inherent in products using 3rd part or server-based 3D solutions.


5. Native DICOM implementation.

Few companies in the world have developed DICOM function. In general, PACS companies use 3rd party DICOM implementation such as Merge or free DICOM toolkits as in Offis.

We use our own full java implementation of the DICOM standard. It is the heart of our system and provides superior performance of our PACS compared to other PACS implementations.


6. JPEG 2000 compression.

Most of PACS do not support JPEG 2000 compression. Our PACS supports all compression types, including JPEG 2000.


7. Our PACS is intuitive and easy to use, as claimed by all radiologists.


8. Diagnostic quality for all clients.

All our clients have high diagnostic level with 3D tools and multi-screen support. Other constructors propose each diagnostic client from 40 000 (Philips) to 80 000 (General Electric).

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